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DeepVisionTech Pvt. Ltd. is a Social Startup with vision to Empower People with Disabilities by building AI based innovative solutions. We specialize in Deep Learning & Machine Learning with expertise in Computer Vision, Natural Language Understanding and Generative Adversarial Networks techniques. We help enterprises build smart & intelligent solutions. Our company was established in late 2019 with a handful of AI based solutions.
Our solutions vary in nature and serve across a variety of verticals like Disability (Deaf, Speech & Hearing Imparied); Agriculture (Crop Health Monitoring using Remote Sensing); Gaming (Gestures & Signs based User Interface for apps); Healthcare (analyzing OCT scans for Diabetic Retinopathy).
Our Patented AI based Solutions & Techniques will give Enterprise solutions competitive advantage and improve outcome.

Our Mission

Being a Social Enterprise, we aspire to build solutions that bring positive impact on Society, by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. To fuel our growth, we enable Enterprise solutions evolve to changing customer expectations by embedding ‘intelligence’ in them.

Our Leaders

Jayasudan Munsamy

Jayasudan Munsamy

Founder & CEO, DeepVisionTech.AI

Expertise: AI | ML | IoT | Cloud | Mobile | Web

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Services offered

We are here to help our customers realize their AI vision and are open to explore new opportunities apart from the list mentioned below.

Application Development

Application development

Development of End-to-End ML powered omni-channel solutions on-premise and Cloud

Product Development

Product development

ML powered product conceptualization to technology evaluation to prototype development to product development & deployment

ML solution & technology consulting

ML solution & technology consulting

ML solution feasibility consulting – Identifying business processes to optimize or replace by leveraging ML solution can be a daunting task and we are here to help

ML solution consulting – Consulting on device-agnostic ML solutions leveraging Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech Recognition

ML technology consulting – Consulting on applicable technology choices for business solutions leveraging Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech Recognition

ML solution development

ML solution development

Development of device-agnostic ML solutions for business problems & APIs for easy integration with business solutions

ML on IoT edge devices

ML on IoT Edge devices

Wish to make your edge device smart & intelligent? We are here to help you

System integration

System Integration

Integration of ML solutions with business solutions

Dataset creation

Dataset creation

Dataset creation for ML solutions, starting from requirements analysis to data gathering to dataset requirements definition to dataset creation to data transformations and maintenance throughout the ML project lifecycle

Deployment of ML modules & solutions

Deployment of ML modules & solutions

Porting of ML modules & solutions to device agnostic ML modules & solutions and deployment onto appropriate devices


Continuous Improvement & Maintenance of ML modules / solutions

Continuous improvement of ML modules / solutions to the changing expectations of business & customers is inevitable and mandatory for successful ML solutions

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Contact Us

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