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Patented (pending grant) Artificial Intelligence (AI) based device-agnostic platform that enables easy communication in real-time using only mobile phone between people with hearing / speech impairment who use sign language and others who do not know sign language.

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Let'sTalkSign platform


AI powered device-agnostic platform that provides all-new, touch-free additional user interface: ‘gesture & sign recognition’ to consumer and enterprise solutions, giving an indulging user experience. Supports PC, Mobile/Tablets, TV & more.

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GesturizeMe platform


AI powered solution to monitor crop health using satellite imagery: Worried that you are unable to monitor your huge farm spread across vast area or multiple locations? Leverage our CropHealth solution to regularly check upon farms, get crop health alerts, farm boundary encroachment alerts and more.

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CropHealth platform


AI powered solution to estimate crop yield using satellite imagery: Gone are the days when manual & physical survey of farmlands were used for crop yield estimation. Our CropYield solution can differentiate crop types using just satellite imagery and help with yield estimation anytime, anywhere with desired accuracy.

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CropYield platform

Coming soon...

1. CropYield estimation & CropHealth monitoring using drone imagery
2. GestureBot – Conversation in sign language!
3. DetectDR – Reduces diagnosis time & improves productivity by detecting Diabetic Retinopathy in OCT scans
4. RecogniUs – Facial Recognition based security solution

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About us

Our Company

DeepVisionTech Pvt. Ltd. is a Social Startup with vision to Empower People with Disabilities by building AI based innovative solutions. We specialize in Deep Learning & Machine Learning with expertise in Computer Vision, Natural Language Understanding and Generative Adversarial Networks techniques. We help enterprises build smart & intelligent solutions. Our company was established in late 2019 with a handful of AI based solutions.
Our solutions vary in nature and serve across a variety of verticals like Disability (Deaf, Speech & Hearing Imparied); Agriculture (Crop Health Monitoring using Remote Sensing); Gaming (Gestures & Signs based User Interface for apps); Healthcare (analyzing OCT scans for Diabetic Retinopathy).
Our Patented AI based Solutions & Techniques will give Enterprise solutions competitive advantage and improve outcome.


Our solutions & services take us to multiple industry domains. So, we are open to explore new opportunities irrespective of the list mentioned below.

  • Solutions & services across industry verticals

    Solutions & Services across Industry verticals

    1. Device-agnostic 'gesture' & 'sign' based User Interface for Consumer & Enterprise solutions across Industry verticals
    2. Facial Recognition based Enterprise & Consumer security solutions across Industry verticals

  • Gaming industry


    Device-agnostic 'gesture' & 'sign' based User Interface for Games (mobile, tablet, computer, TV, web)

  • Healthcare industry


    Solutions to improve productivity, accuracy & decision making of medical image analysis

  • Agriculture industry


    Solutions to help farmers monitor vast farmlands in different locations by using satellite & drone imagery

  • Forestry


    Solutions to help monitor vegetation and identify encroachments, other human interferences and more by using satellite imagery

  • Home & Business safety

    Home & Business Safety

    Facial Recognition based security solutions for residential & business complexes


We try our best to keep-up with the technology changes and are always eager & quick to learn new stuff.
Highlighted below are key technologies we are experienced with.

  • Cloud technology


    Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Wed Services (AWS)

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    Python, TensorFlow, DeepLearning4J, Keras, PyTorch

  • Device-agnostic Machine Learning technology

    Device-agnostic Machine Learning

    TensorFlow.js, TensorFlow Lite

  • Traditional technology


    Enterprise Java and Web technologies

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Contact Us

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Our Associations

    Incubated and received TIDE2.0 Grant:
  • International Institute of Information and Technology Bangalore - Innovation Center
  • MeitY TIDE 2.0 Grant Winner
    Technology Incubation & Cloud Partner:
  • NVIDIA Inception Program
  • Oracle for Startups Program
    Assistive Technology Incubation:
  • AssisTech Foundation
    Acceleration & Launchpad:
  • Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC)
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, NSRCEL